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Beelance - 4 is a mechanical beam scale designed for beehouses. She is equiped with an embedded linux system, connected to the AccessPoint with wifi, and energy autonomous with solar panes.

Beelance4 solo-01.jpeg Beelance4 solo-02.jpeg


Electronic parts[modifier]


Mechanical parts[modifier]

here you can find the meca plans for freecad:


solar power system[modifier]

regulator: LS0512R with home made modifications (unsold the power red led for consumption purposes)

Third parts[modifier]

linux embedded card: ariettaG25 ariettaG25

DS3231 rtc

solar pane

2.4Ah lead acid battery UL2.4-12S

stepper motor

A4988 motor driver

16Go microSD card

méca balance

IR diode



beedian3v8 (wheezy)

power consumption[modifier]

tested with elec schema 12, beedian3

mesured consumption:[modifier]

sleep mode: 12,8 mA @ 12V !!!Warning!!! old mesures before rtc and regulator's leds removal. Now under 10mA but I can't mesure (out of my multimeter precision).

system awake with wifi: 82mA @ 12V system awake nowifi: 68mA @ 12V

system awake + stepper motor: 300mA @ 12V

PowerConsumption grafic 01.png

daily consumption[modifier]

24h sleep mode --> 12,8mA.24h = 307,2mA.h

4min/hour awake system = sleep mode + 70mA.0,07h.24 = 112mA.h

1min stepper motor / hour = (300-80)mA . 1/60h . 24 = 88mA.h

TOTAL = 507mA.h @12V = 6,084wh