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Embeedian is our operating system for our beehouses monitoring systems and apiary relay stations. System is based on Acmesystems debian images, modified for our purpose. We are now under version 3v8. A version 4.0.0 , is under development, info here beedian_4



(according to Atmel website) "Bootstrap is the 2nd level bootloader, providing a set of algorithms to manage the hardware initialization such as clock speed configuration, PIO settings, DRAM initialization, to download your main application from specified boot media (NAND FLASH, serial FLASH (both AT25-compatible of DataFlash), serial EEPROM, SD Card, etc.) to main memory and to start it."

Example: Atmel AT91 Bootstrap for Arietta G25


We use Linux Kernels, compiled to fit our needs. For example, you have to recompile linux kernel to add new features (like SPI) or hardware like usb wifi device.

Device Tree Blob[modifier]

Pour attribuer les pins sur la carte, on peut utiliser le générateur de fichiers .dtb d'acmesystems. http://pinout.acmesystems.it/

Debian rootfs[modifier]

Le rootfs actuel est wheezy sur embeedian 3v8. on est pas encore passé à Jessy à cause couchDB qui n'est pas dans les dépôts pour jessie (ils y reviendront pour la 9) On passera à Jessie pour embeedian 4.


install openbeelab scripts[modifier]

install from openbeelab git:

<syntaxhighlight lang="bash"> mkdir openbeelab cd openbeelab git clone git@git.openbeelab.org:openbeelab/util.git

git clone git@git.openbeelab.org:openbeelab/embedded-uploading.git </syntaxhighlight>




CouchDB-Local database[modifier]


One script to rules them all :)

for more info

take a look at our git



You'll can soon use our iso file to install your system.

dd if=/your/path/to/the/image.iso of=/the/sd/card bs=32130b

don't forget to root-edit openbeelab/embedded_uploading/javascript/config.js and change it.

If you want to upload to our database, we can host your db: pgp@cplusmoins.org

prices for the hosting is donation you can do to help the project.

If you want to host yourself, you can install couchDB on your own serveur (debian or freeBSD other to I presume) copy our config and go!